Enjoy Essential PH-1 WiFi Printing

Even if you might be new to Android, printing is no longer a secret to you: just click a menu, tap a command and your wish will turn into reality in no time. A while ago printing on Android used to mean installing the Google Cloud Print app, then sharing whatever it is you’re trying to print with that app, yet things have changed now and you can enjoy your Essential PH-1 WiFi printing without installing any apps or complicated programs.

These apps that I am telling you about offer complete control over printer settings and statuses, they even provide print view displays that are equivalent to those featured on desktop computers, yet you don’t need such an app on your Essential PH-1 phone in the first place. You just have to install the proper drivers and things are incredibly easy after that.

Don’t you believe me? This section provides instruction for printing with the help of your Essential PH-1 device. Here’s what you have to do:

How to enjoy Essential PH-1 WiFi Printing:

  1. Turn on your Essential PH-1;
  2. Up next, click on to Select Apps;
  3. Click on the option Settings;
  4. Look for a section that says Connect and Share;
  5. Click on to Select the Printing button;
  6. Several printers are ready in your device to choose from, but if you can’t find the printer you wish to connect to, select on the cross-symbol (plus) at the lower part of the screen. Google Play will give you the ability to select the printer you wish to connect to;
  7. Try to revert back to the Printing Section in your device;
  8. Noe, just click on your printer in order to connect the handset;
  9. One you have connected your device to a wireless printer, choose the different settings for the printer on the device. I am talking about:
    2 sided printing

Don’t forget that Wireless printing may be accomplished on a number of portable devices including various Android phones, Android tablets and Kindle Fire. Just have fun and ask for help in case of needing it!

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