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Do you remember when Twitter introduced Highlights as a summary of the best Tweets for you, delivered via rich push notification? Twitter is a source for trending news, so many of you follow lots of news related accounts. Such a feature that highlights important tweets from your timeline seems to be ideal, but it isn’t there any longer.

That’s how my timeline ended up turning into something chaotic and horrible. While my home timeline is a great place to browse through and engage with Tweets, it is a nightmare to get through everything. There are just too many tweets to handle, so I hate Twitter’s decision of doing that.

As you see, Highlights isn’t gone for good. In fact, the feature still exists within the app. It’s just hidden, but you may reach it with the help of a special app called Highlighter. Do you also want to get Highlights back on Twitter? Then, I’ve got the perfect solution for you,

Restoring a quick link to Twitter Highlights

Samuel Maskell, a former senior engineer on the Android notifications team at Twitter, has created a tiny little Android app that makes it all possible. What it practically does is restoring a quick link to Twitter Highlights. You just have to click the app on the home screen and it opens up the Twitter app directly into Highlights.

Yes, this app just opens the same deep-link that the notification uses. In other words, it can then show all the stuff that’s trending on your timeline in a horizontal card UI that you can swipe through to see everything that’s interesting. Some complained a lot about the uninspired icon, but I don’t mind. I am just grateful for its use.

My guess is that Twitter will probably kill this feature altogether somewhere in the future. Until then, if you’re an Android user, I highly recommend sticking Highligher on your home screen and using it.

Grab Highlighter for free from your favorite apps source: the Play Store, of course.

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