Magisk introduces what the developer calls New “Invincible” Mode

Some claim that Magisk is better than Chainfire’s SuperSU and there is no surprise about the fact that it is so popular. Even better, Magisk, this popular systemless interface and root solution that so many of us enjoy, has received various updates during the last few weeks.

The v14.1 and v14.2 ones provide official support for the Google Pixel A/B partitioning scheme, which will help futureproof it as more devices adopt said partitioning scheme for seamless updates. Now, with v14.3, further improvements and features are being added to enhance the Magisk experience for users.

The latest version introduces what the developer calls “Invincible” mode and be sure of the fact that it has a specific purpose. Well, this is meant to put an end to all those repeated root loss issues which plenty of users have complained about for such a long time.

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Therefore, the idea of having such a mode that can prevent Magisk daemon from crashing is ideal. Well, as you know, the Magisk daemon is responsible for every part of the Magisk interface and a crash results in the loss of root until the device is rebooted. With Invincible mode on, the daemon will not crash or stop unexpectedly any longer.

And don’t you imagine the fact that the latest update brings only this change. The truth is that the update also includes some under-the-hood changes, such as a rewrite in the way Magisk handles logcats, not to mention the fact that the app is now 100% FOSS and prepared to be published on the F-Droid repository.

Therefore, it’s time to download Magisk on your device too and enjoy the latest changes. Here are the most recent versions:

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