Quickly Access the Galaxy S9 Camera

The new sensor and lens combination in the Galaxy S9 is extremely capable and users are thrilled by what they get. Samsung has finally moved its fingerprint sensor from the side-mounted position it had before, you get new camera features such as the dual-aperture lens, and super slow motion mode, you can customize your shooting modes, zoom using the shutter button and much, much more.

However, the first step is to access the camera. Before learning how to utilize those tools and features with new knowledge, do you know that in addition to tapping the camera app icon, there is also another way to start Galaxy S9 camera app in your Galaxy S9 smartphone?

If you open the camera and tap its gear-like Settings button, you’ll see a long screen of options. All you must do is to tap on Quick Launch’s switch and after that, whenever you press the Power button twice, the camera will start up. Well, Samsung named this as Galaxy S9 camera quick launch and I totally get the point. Even more, there is something that I really like about the Galaxy S9 camera quick launch: well, it works at any times: when the screen is on or off, when you are using any apps, or even when the screen is locked.

And as you have seen, when you use the Galaxy S9 camera quick launch first time, it will remind you of what this feature can do for you: “Pressing the Power key twice opens the camera. Keep this function turned on?” Of course, you can turn it off, but I don’t see the point in that.

And of course you can tap the camera app icon to open Galaxy S9 camera app without unlocking the screen. If you do that, you only have the chance to access photos taken in this session. You cannot access any other pictures saved in the handset before the screen was locked. I know that you might not like the idea, but this is a security feature, not a bug.

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