How to Fix Galaxy S7 Application Tray Problem

You know how things work these days: as 2016 continues and more and more buyers decide to become the owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S7, more reports regarding various issues are surfacing out of the blue. While many users are enjoying a stable experience, others are running into more and more problems and claim to be disappointed by this handset.

Fortunately, there are a number of temporary and potentially permanent fixes for the very same device and with that in mind, I have already started to take a look at some of the Galaxy S7 problems that have popped up and offer some possible fixes for them.

Today I want to tell you more about some sort of an inconvenience as long as it would be too much to call it a problem: I am talking about how the Samsung Galaxy S7 application tray works. Apps aren’t in order and all the new installed apps get added to the back of the list, which is really annoying for those who want to have them first.

What can you do to solve this problem? Well, you must only hit the bottom right icon to open the application tray, then tap the “A-Z” button near the top. At the end, don’t forget to hit Save. This will now list all apps alphabetically and make finding apps easier. However, when you choose to install a new app, note that it goes to the back of the list, not in the A-Z order location. So, you can only hit A-Z and save once again.

Another option is to download a new “Launcher” from the Google Play Store, which can bring you the chance that you need for the application tray as well. It could be Nova Launcher as long as it’s customizable and the app works as it should or you could try on some of these options:

  • You can Enable and Set Up Game Launcher on Galaxy S7 if you really are a mobile gamer;
  • I’ve said it more than once and I still think that Action Launcher 3 can be the perfect Home Replacement App for Android. Just enter here and find out what it has to offer;
  • Simplify your Android Experience with Necta Launcher;
  • Some of you might want to give a try to Android Big Launcher which is Great for Those with Poorer Eyesight;
  • Use Koala Phone Launcher for a much better Android experience – enter here to keep reading about it.

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