Quick Charging Feature on LG G4: Everything you need to know

You have probably been impressed by its slick design with optional leather, clean interface with a variety of useful apps, amazing camera with pro-level features and crisp quad-HD display, but LG G4 still has some week points. The shorter battery life than many of its competitors and even than its own G3 predecessor did not encouraged the potential buyers, but should you give up on this handset just due to this aspect?

If LG G4 is everything you have ever dreamed of, then keep in mind that there are a few features that might help you surpass this disadvantage. For example, the apparent lack of the Quick Charge feature was nothing more than a rumor and the LG G4 device officially supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, the technology that helps all Snapdragon-powered smartphones juice up faster.

It is a feature of the company’s Snapdragon 800 series of SoCs, which means that the Quick Charge 2.0 technology is not limited to a certain brand of devices only and it usually provides charging times of up to 75 percent faster compared to the regular charging times of an Android smartphone / tablet, including LG G4.

However, I want to tell you from the start that there’s a catch in this case. LG G4 does support Quick Charge, but it seems that its stock charger is not compatible with Qualcomm’s rapid charging technology. The result is that this smartphone cannot charge as fast as other Quick Charge phones – to be more precise, LG G4 requires around 127 minutes to have its 3000mAh battery completely recharged.

Well, there is no mystery that Qualcomm’s definition of Quick Charge mentions the fact that a device should be able to go “from 0% to 60% battery in about 30mn”, which sounds great in theory, but you see that in reality the percentage really depends on the total battery capacity, the components used in the battery and charging system and not only.

Despite of all these, I still think that Quick Charge 2.0 still remains a selling point of most phones released in the past six months and LG G4 is no exception. When the phone is under 15% it will charge faster than it normally would, giving no less than 6-8 hours of use after 40-50 minutes of charge which doesn’t sound at all bad.

And the story becomes a little more promising if a Quick Charge 2.0 charger is plugged into the LG G4 smartphone instead of the phone’s stock one. Just use the QC2.0-enabled Motorola Turbo charger and you will see the device fully recharged our in around 100 minutes, which is an improvement of 23% over the phone’s stock charger.

In conclusion, you might consider buying a powerful QC2.0 charger if you are also disappointed about the fact that your LG G4 isn’t charging fast enough. You can buy one of multiple Quick Charge capable chargers from eBay, Amazon and more, plug it in, and get faster charging rates or or you can be pleased by what the phone is offering for now. In any case, the Quick Charging Feature is there for a reason!

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