Try Out Galaxy S10 Live Focus Modes

The Galaxy S10 device doesn’t have the best shot-to-shot photo quality available, we all know that. Even so, it’s a solid camera that has seemingly endless options with three rear cameras and tons of shooting modes to choose from. It’s completely capable of taking great photos just by pointing and shooting with no real thought, but if you learn how to master it, you may be surprised by the results.

Samsung is using the primary 12 MP sensor for capturing the subject on the S10 and the ultra-wide sensor for the background. This also allows the S10 to take slightly wider bokeh pictures and enables the handset to have Live Focus support as well.

That’s precisely what I want to tell you more about today. Those Live Focus Modes are one of a kind and you have to use them! Yes, you just have to!

Experiment with artistic effects and lower the blur levels

The Live Focus mode, which was first seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has no less than four new shooting modes on your Galaxy S. Now, you can experiment with artistic effects like Edge Blur, Spiral or the Google Photos-like color pop mode. This last mode keeps the subject’s color intact and paints the background in black and white and it’s my favorite of all.

The good news is you can also lower the blur levels by dragging the slider. And if you don’t like the outcome, then you can just switch to the standard blur effect.

To do so, all you have to do is to open the image in the gallery and tap on the Change background effect bubble. Choose the new mode for your Galaxy S10, hit Save and you’ll love the new look, I am sure of that.

Even better, the same applies for the front camera. You will find the same modes with the only exception being the frame. This is something you must accept from the very start! And do not stop here! Remember, your phone’s cameras are special and deserve all your attention.

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