Galaxy S10: Deal with Bixby and Make the Experience Suitable for You

You know how the story goes with Bixby. Samsung was thrilled about it, but the users not so much. The company even includes a dedicated button for its digital assistant on Galaxy phones since the Samsung Galaxy S8. The button can be found on the left side of the phone, just below the volume rocker. That makes it the ideal target of accidental clicks, which triggers Bixby.

Ever since Samsung announced the S8 with its onboard assistant, people have been asking for ways to remove it. They just want to forget the button ever existed in the first place. Things are no different for those owning the new Galaxy S10 smartphone whatsoever.

You can’t get rid of Samsung’s personal assistant, Bixby, but there are a few things that you can change to make the experience more suitable for you.

Which are your very best options?

First of all, you can clearly minimize how intrusive it is. Start by removing Bixby Home from your home screen by long-pressing on the home screen and swiping to the right until you see a preview of Bixby Home. Then, you must slide the switch above the panel to the Off position.

Then, you should better remap the Bixby key, something Samsung recently made possible through a software update. At the moment, there are no less than three ways to trigger the Bixby button: single press, double press, and long press.

The newest update indicates that only single and double press behaviors can be remapped. Long pressing on the button opens up Bixby, no matter what. As for the remapping, you can set the button to simply open any app you want, or execute a custom quick command.

I must also add that the process is really easy and it actually works well, so you won’t have to spend time hacking or downloading sketchy apps.

It’s been two years since Samsung debuted Bixby, and the dreaded Bixby button, alongside the Galaxy S8, and the company has taken until now, 2019, to provide a way to remap it. I am glad though that it did it, even if some might say that it is a bit too late!

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