Enter Recovery Mode, Download Mode and Flash updates on NOKIA X

Several Android devices like the ones released by Samsung, Sony or HTC have an all-in-one flash tool that can be used vor various operations like entering recovery mode, updating with an Android firmware, making a backup and so on.

Now it’s time for the recently released Nokia X to receive a similar flash tool. This has happened thanks to Senior XDA member AngSanley who has come up with this Nokia X Flash tool which is nothing else than an all in one app that can be used easily to flash system, boot, recovery and fastboot your Android smartphone.

So, this tool makes it easier than ever to install stock ROMs and even custom ROMs, so why not taking advanatge of what it has to offer? Do you want to install the Nokia X Flash Tool on your handset?

That’s why we are here for, offering you a detailed guide on how to do it. And don’t worry; the procedure is as simple as it can be, even for those of you who are newbies!

Review the risks:

  • This tool that we are talking about is only for Nokia X, so don’t you even think of using it on any other device;
  • Don’t forget that you have to be careful about each step or you risk damaging it in one way or another;
  • We want to be clear about something: we are not responsible if you mess things up. If something happens to your Nokia X and you are looking for someone to blame, Android.flagship cannot be held responsible for your mistakes; you have been warned about that!

Preparatory steps:

  • Start by making a backup of your important data as a way of being sure that nothing will happen to your contacts, messages, apps, files and so on; if data gets lost, you can easily use the backup to restore it;
  • The app is made for Windows and you can run this tool by connecting your Nokia X to your PC; prepare the PC by disabling all the antimalware programs that you might have there;
  • Have you previously installed the USB drivers for your Nokia X? If not, you should take care of this aspect before starting the procedure;
  • Don’t forget about the original a USB cable that has to be used to establish the connection between your handser and the computer;
  • Finally, here we are to remind you about the importance of checking the battery status; if it shows less than 70% power left, then be sure that it’s the ideal time to charge your Nokia X now.

Have you completed all these steps?

Then, let’s start the tutorial:

Hot to Install NOKIA X Flash Tool:

  1. Download the Nokia X Flash Tool from here in your computer;
  2. Connect your Nokia X to the computer with by using only the original USB cable;
  3. Click on “Detect Device”;
  4. As you can see from the app, this tools has different sections to select the file for system, boot, recovery, variant, data, cache and preload. Choose what you want.

Have you succeeded? If yes, congratulations.

And if your Nokia X smartphone gets stocked in the boot loop mode, you have to turn off the device  by pressing the Power button and then reapply the update from the start.

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