How to Take Samsung Galaxy S7 Motion Photos

Samsung talked about a lot of new features on its recent Samsung Galaxy S7 device and this is exactly what we have received with this handset. For example, the company unveiled a new camera feature called Motion Photos alongside the Galaxy S7 and trust me when I say that it is indeed worthy of all your attention.

Motion Photo is similar to Live Photos, which Apple introduced in the iPhone 6S line, but it’s not identical and here I am to explain you more. The idea behind this feature is that when you choose to capture a photo, the camera will also record the few seconds of video before the photo was taken.

This lets you get a neat look at what was going on immediately surrounding the moments when you took the picture. So, as you can see, the Korean company has thought about a version that only captures video before the shutter button is pressed, not before and after the photo is captured as it happen in Apple’s Live Photos case. And besides that, I must also tell you Samsung also gives you the option of pausing the video at any point to take a still photo in case there was a different face or moment you prefer to have in photo form.

There is though an issue with this Galaxy S7 feature: I must tell you from the start the fact that resulting photo is of no more than 960×720 pixels (do not worry about the original image as this one retains its high quality), so you should only use it if there’s a different shot that you must have.

And at the beginning, it seems that Samsung did not make it possible for Galaxy S7 users to share a Motion Photo as a video, but now things have changed and this is no longer an issue. You don’t have to think any longer of looking for a third-party app in order to share your creation, but the problem is already solved if you are running updated Galaxy S7 handsets.

All you have to do is to tap the share button and select a destination for the video. This can be YouTube, Instagram, WatsApp or anything else that you have in mind. Up to this point, any time you capture a photo your phone will record a couple seconds of video leading up to the shutter button being pressed.

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