How to Clear Unused Apps on LG G4

LG G4 is indeed equipped with no less than 3GB of RAM and can multi-task successfully, so there is nothing stopping you from having plenty of apps launched at once. However, from time to time it’s still recommended to clear apps that are not used from memory.

Keep in mind from the start the fact that if you skip this operation for your LG G4 apps could end up slowing down the phone, as it will need to reboot certain apps as they are opened, and then, will simply end up affecting the battery life which is already not as generous as it should be.

So, kill only the necessary apps and make no mistake! And I also want to warn you about a bug in Android 5.0 Lollipop: it seems that after you perform such an operation, apps sometimes remain in the multitasking menu. If you notice this happening on your LG G4 as well, do not hesitate to clear it again.

And another issue is that some owners have the tendency of clearing every app that’s running. Do not do that as the OS keeps these apps in a low power state, so you will simply mess things up. However, if you know for sure that you don’t need your LG G4 for a while, only then use the “clear all” button on the bottom left which will wipe out every app from the system memory.

How to Clear Unused Apps on your LG G4:

  1. For the start, tap the multi-tasking menu key – I am talking about the square on-screen button on the bottom of the display;
  2. This brings up all currently used and running apps, but this is also where a swipe will close any running app;
  3. Do not hesitate to leave apps such as phone, messages, or the browser in here, especially if you use them every day;
  4. A simple swipe of your finger on each box will swipe away any app that you do not find useful and instantly close it. I recommend to clear only those apps that you know for sure that that you don’t need, or apps that are system intensive such as YouTube or navigation ones like Google Maps.

That’s all that you have to do! Have you managed to clear all the unused apps from your LG G4 smartphone? In case of encountering any problem, do not forget that I a m here to support those in need, so ask for my help. Give me as much details as possible about your problem and I will do my very best to understand it and to come up with a solution.

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