Solve Contacts Syncing Problems between Android and iOS

Thanks to latest smartphones, we all live in a connected world where in we have a truly special handset in our pocket that allows us to make phone calls, take pictures, enjoy games, access the internet and so on in a blink of an eye. But as with any technology there are going to be glitches that arise and that make it more difficult for you when it comes to using your device.

One of the most common issues is related to Contacts Syncing between Android and iOS. No one knows for sure why this is happening, so it is quite a difficult task to come up with a fix that would work for everyone. For certain users, it is simply a case of sync not being turned on from the start, while others should better turn off data to their device, wait a moment, and turn it back on.

However, if this is not your situation and the “Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly” message (or something similar) drives you mad; I totally get you. It is your choice to have a mixed selection of devices and things shouldn’t be like that at all, so here I have a few tips that you might try:

Solve Contacts Syncing Problems between Android and iOS:

  • A Force sync might be the key, therefore it’s my very first recommendation for you:
  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Scroll down and tap on Accounts (this label could appear differently depending on your device’s manufacturer or Android version, but be sure that it is there);
  3. In the Accounts section, you have to select Google;
  4. Now, turn off and turn on the toggle next to Contacts.
  • You may also need the help of an app such as Contacts Sync Fix. Install the app and then, when you launch it, you will see a Fix Contacts Sync button at the bottom that will definitely make things better. This tool will help to fix some (not all) of the causes of your current problem;
  • Regardless of what Android phone you’re using, these might not work, but another fix often proved to be very effective. You basically have to remove your Google account and re-add it:
  1. Go to the Settings menu;
  2. Enter into Accounts where you will find a list of all the added accounts;
  3. From there, select Google;
  4. Find the Remove account option which should be right on this page, so select it;
  5. Return to Settings > Accounts;
  6. Now, you have to tap the Add account button and add your Google account again.

Has this finally worked for you too? I certainly hope so!

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