Learn to Revoke App Access to Facebook

I bet that you know that third-party applications built on the Facebook platform by external developers are not owned or operated by Facebook. When you connect a third-party application to your Facebook account, you are basically granting that application access to use your account. Depending on its permissions, an authorized application may be able to use your account in various ways.

Even though most third-party apps are there for a reason and are supposed to simplify your Facebook experience, not all of them are trustworthy. And this isn’t the only issue out there. Take my example: I went through my Facebook just the other days and realised there are a bunch of apps that I no longer use.

Despite of that, they keep accessing my data. Be sure that the same thing happens to you too, so don’t you think that it’s the ideal time for a change? The truth is that all of us tend to forget about those services that we had previously used to explore or experiment on their services. So, in order to avoid above consequences, you should better revoke access to third party services right now.

And if complicated procedures are not your thing and you are not willing to take any chances, then here is how simple is to do it, with zero risks involved:

Learn to Revoke App Access to Facebook:

  1. At first, you have to access Facebook;
  2. Then, it’s time to select Account Settings;
  3. Now, on the General Account Settings page, don’t hesitate to select Apps from the left panel;
  4. A list of apps that you’ve granted access to your profile over the years is here present, so I am sure that you will be surprised. However, be thankful to the fact that Facebook gives you some control over these apps. Tap Edit to see what the app needs, its visibility, what it can do and more;
  5. Then, at the bottom, in the Legal section, you can easily remove it;
  6. You can also click the “X” next to the Edit button.

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