Preserve Old Photos to your Android Smartphone

If you are addicted to your beloved smartphone, there is a big chance to use it for everything that you can. You already know that the latest Android smartphones can archive thousands of new memories in pictures and videos and what better news than this one for all those who love capturing the best moments of their life?

Things sound great so far, but what to do about all the printed photos that you have before the smartphone that offers you all that you need? Is there any method that lets you preserve moments from your past and share them with friends and family in no more than a few seconds? Take a look at Heirloom and I bet that you’ll be delighted about what it has to offer.

To be more precise, there are some major advantages offered by this app known as Heirloom that you should know about from the start: the pictures are easily captured even if your angle isn’t a great one, you can enjoy unlimited free scans, various custom artistic filters and automatic edge-detection; even more, you can also crop and rotate photos and then, share your photos and albums with friends and family in Heirloom private groups. And if you like, you can even choose to post them on social media.

Do you want to give a try to this app as well? Let the steps below be your guide:

Preserve Old Photos to your Android Smartphone:

  1. Take Herloom with the help of this direct link;
  2. Install it and launch the app;
  3. Scan a photo by holding the phone so that all four corners of the photo are visible on screen;
  4. Then, all you have to do is to tap the shutter;
  5. Heirloom will do the job for you;
  6. As I’ve said, adjustments can also be easily made even after scanning your picture;
  7. Don’t hesitate to save copies of the photos;
  8. You can organize them in albums;
  9. Then, share the photos/albums to your favorite social sites or share privately to friends and by using the Heirloom groups.

Here you can find more tutorials for your photos:

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