AndroMoney – a great Personal Finance Tool on Android

AndroMoney is one of the simpler budget apps from Google Play Store that are still enjoying the spotlight. Its claim to fame is how quick it is to use it and how great it actually looks. The app tries to set itself up in a way that makes adding new data quickly and easily.

If you do plan to use it as a business expense app, try not to be put off by the design, which is so bold. Although you start at a summary screen, when you click on New for an entry screen, you’re confronted with fields totally decorated with colorful icons and a bright blue, gold, red and green calculator, for a joyful mood even if you are working.

You use the calculator to enter your amount; you then can choose a category, account (credit card, cash, etc.), specific project, payee and whether this is a one-time or periodic payment – every second day, for example. You can also add a freeform note, not to mention that you can enjoy the ability to set a yearly, weekly or daily budget (and to send an alert if you exceed it).

Even more, enjoy the fact that the apps lets you sync your account via an email account or back it up to either an internal SD card, Dropbox or Google Drive. However, you cannot photograph your receipts, but I hope that this won’t turn into an issue.

Don’t leave aside the fact that each category has a series of subcategories. Just like the main entry screen, the layout is bright and easy to read; main categories are on the left and their subcategories listed on the right. And if you enter an expense and find that none of the existing categories or subcategories fit your need, you can add a new one right from the start (instead of having to leave the entry and go to a separate screen).

As this app’s name suggests, the developers only hope AndroMoney will be a great personal finance tool on your Android. You just have to try it out and confirm or deny that! Use this direct link for taking it.

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