Scan and Annotate with Android Evernote

The most recent Evernote for Android update comes with a set of features that I bet you’ll love in no time! It seems that the app can automatically detect things like business cards and post-it notes and you even have the possibility to add annotations to pictures you take and much more. Just keep on reading!

In previous versions of Evernote, you know that you had to manually select modes like Post-It and Business Card. Now, you can take a picture and Evernote will automatically detect which type of note you’ve taken. It’s true that you still need Evernote Premium in order to scan notes in certain modes, but now things are easier than ever.

Then, Evernote will even crop and adjust the resulting image and like that you can be sure that you can receive the best copy possible. And as if all these were not enough, the same app temporarily keeps scanned documents in a gallery. You can delete anything you don’t want and save everything else to the service and like that you have full control over the space on your Android phone’s gallery.

The biggest change is though yet to come: I am talking about the annotations. Once you take a picture, feel free to draw arrows and shapes on the photo, and even type in text. Also note that you can edit most of the annotations later, though the pixelating parts of an image can’t be undone.

Besides these new features, the update has even more to offer to those who have a Premium account. I am talking about the capability to detect a business card if you’re scanning one and instantly saving its details as a note. Even more, having a Premium account means you can annotate PDF files attached to notes the same way you can annotate images.

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