Try Out some Interesting Android Puzzle Games

Do you want to give a try to a new Android game? Let me tell you from the start the fact that I know more than one game that might keep you busy for a while, so look no further.

Google Play Store has various great puzzler games and I’ve picked up some of the most addictive ones especially for you. It really doesn’t matter if you have only a few minutes or a few hours to fill, but be sure that you’ll find some excellent choices here:

Try Out some Interesting Puzzle Games:

Roll The Ball

I must warn you from the start that I want to tell you more about an addictive puzzler game, so be careful! This is known as Roll The Ball and it’s another basic game that requires the user to move the wooden blocks in order to let the steel ball through to its desired target. I know that this might sound a little boring, but trust me when I say that it definitely isn’t!

Roll the Ball has all the elements that you might be looking for: I am talking about Sliding Puzzles and various Puzzle Games, Escape Games to test your capabilities of getting out, Find the hidden objects, Match-3 Puzzle and most important, don’t keep it all to yourself and remember that this is a Family Puzzle Game as well.

However, note that the game supports ads. To be honest, I would play that game all day long, but those ads are no fun! If you don’t have a problem with that, enter here to grab it.

The Room

The Room is the best choice if you like the idea of solving a selection of 3D puzzle boxes, each of which is loaded with things like locks, codes, hidden doors, dials, as well as various other brain-taxing mechanisms.

The Room

The Room

And it’s never just one solution: the key is none other than finding which approach unlocks the next opportunity while you rotate the box, focus on clues, and seek out new details. You will get great graphics and cleverly designed boxes, a tactile 3D world full of mysterious, so I am sure that you will love it too.

Here you can find the game!

Color Switch

Color Switch from Fortafy is an addictive reflex game that requires you to tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and then, your ball will switch color with some powerups. You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it and even though you think that the idea is not a new one, trust me when I say that this game has something unique to offer.

Color Switch

Color Switch

Unlike other competitors, Color Switch has a reasonable difficulty scale, clever obstacles and an amazing soundtrack. You’ll need to move quickly to get through one side of a moving object, but then hold your position before advancing. The matching color you need might not be moving as quickly as you and you’ll hit a wall, but you have no time or energy limits, you take all the time you need and have fun!

This simple, yet interesting gameplay makes me think of another iconic indie-puzzler  – none other than Flappy Birds, so give it a try!

Color Switch can be taken from here.

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