Connecting People through Shared Interests with QuizUp

Do you see yourself a know-it-all? If you do, you should better prove it. QuizUp is a free multiplayer trivia game better than you might be expecting. The game is all about connecting people through shared interests as QuizUp pits you against friends and people who share your interests. Don’t you know how it works or what do you have to do?

Well, let me tell you that discovering like-minded people has never been easier than now! With the help of this game, it’s incredibly simple to find people based on their age, location, as well as interest. When you find someone you think that might have what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to start a conversation or try challenging him or her in a topic you are both passionate about.

This should be no problem as long there are 149 unique topics to follow, and you can choose to play by yourself in single player mode, select a random opponent, or simply choose from a list of available friends to get started.

The point is that players who are quicker at giving the correct answers earn slightly more points, so answering with speed is essential if you want to win. You can use Facebook, Google, or email to log into QuizUp, which lets you pick up where you left off if you ever switch between devices. And don’t forget that you have the chance to participate in various communities around topics you are passionate about and easily discover new topics that match your interests. After all, each topic has a unique community where you can play, post and interact with other people all over the world.

And even though ads are there, I can assure you that they are far from intrusive. They are appearing in between matches and as a small banner on top while playing, so you have no reason to worry about. So, what are you looking for?

QuizUp is ideal for trivia gamers who want something different, who love the thrill that comes with multiplayer competition and who are not afraid to challenge friends in any topic for a quick, real-time match.

Grab the QuizUp game right away and have fun.

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