Cartoon Defense 1.5 is Engaging and Fun to Play

There are so many Android users who have played the cartoon defense series. We all know that those series are great except for Cartoon Defense 4 which is not what I want. However, Cartoon Defense 1.5 is nothing like the fourth version, but it’s engaging and fun to play, so don’t worry about a thing!

In fact, if you are a cartoon defense fan too, then you should definitely play this. Don’t you know what Cartoon Defense 1.5 is about? Let me give you just a few clues!

The princess of Cartoon Kingdom and the prince of Cyclops kingdom had gotten engaged, with big plans for the future. Things don’t always happen as you plan them and strife had arisen between their kingdoms. As a result, their love was threatened and the prince of Cyclops had no chance but to declare war to keep his love. Will they succeed?

The game features more than 160 stages, mini games, as well as various enemies that have to be defeated, weapons, and upgrading with speedy and dauntless finger actions.

This is sure a lot of fun if you will be lucky enough to get a fortune cookie, so what do you say? Do you want to give it a try as well?

Cartoon Defense 1.5 is waiting for you here!

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