Give a try to the Lost in Harmony Game

Lost in Harmony comes as a stunning game which combines elements of obstacle running and rhythm games into a dream world of two best friends as they cope with illness and grief. Lost in Harmony’s combination of rhythmic tapping and choreographic running come together surprising well, being a story that you will immediately engage in.

Don’t you believe me? You have to try this one and see that I make no mistake. This time, you have to control Kaito, a teenager whose best friend Aya is dealing with an illness. Kaito is seriously affected by what’s happening to his friend, therefore he imagines carrying his friend through good times and bad in the game levels proper.

Unlike other Android running games, I must tell you that Lost in Harmony has finite stages where you slide across lanes to gather stardust, all while escaping those incoming obstacles with taps and finger swipes. More and more maps are unlocked as you progress, along with different outfits and skateboards that you can purchase with the collected stardust in order to customize the game’s main characters.

I can assure you that Lost in Harmony gets intense real fast! Between the gorgeous music arrangements and the scenery of the game, getting into the groove is quite easy.

Lost in Harmony also comes with a special expansion pack which basically presents the story of M.I.R.A.I. He is not a human being, but a robot whose story of escape is told through courses and accompanying musical tracks. And besides these story modes, the game also lets you design your own courses, complete with music, which you can later share with the community.

And don’t forget that headphones are a must in order to enjoy this game to its full potential. So, if you are convinced, just hit the below download link and you will not regret it!

Take Lost in Harmony into your Android device.

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