A Fun Platform Game for you: Yoo Ninja

Are you looking for a lightweight Android game to try on? The truth is that sometimes the most simple games are the most additive ones as well and you don’t even need to look too hard for finding them.

Yoo Ninja! Free seems to have been there forever and yet, I am not tired of it! Not even close to that, but on the contrary, although somewhat old, Yoo Ninja is still a very addictive and fun platform game for you to try on. In this arcade game you will play as a ninja who needs to move and jump quickly up and down to pass through various barriers.

Fast run is the only way to keep your life and this might not be too easy to do. So, you must practically tap on the screen and try not to hit any of the barriers or fall down the cliff. Even more, you have to take care about the route as long as a simple mistake could make you start again and again.

The game comes with no less 30 various levels which are passed on one breath, a history mode, as well as an infinite mode. Graphics is decent, in beautiful drawn style, although some might be looking for something different these days. But keep in mind that it has some good years behind and its size is a little more than 8MB making it one of the most lightweight games that you can find.

A fantastic world without the control by the gravity is super fun, but you have no idea how cool the end really is! Take Yoo Ninja and discover that by yourself as long as I will not tell you more!

The game works with no problem on Android 2.3 and up and is totally free, so use this link to grab it right away. Let me know if you like it too!

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