RObotzi Fartravel Android Game Is A Rising Star

A week ago, on Google Play Store, was launched an arcade game which now is a “rising star” with +50.000 installs. It is called RObotzi Fartravel and at first sight it looks very easy, mostly because it has the same way of playing as Flappy Birds, but beside “tap to gain height” mode, everything is changed.

Its main stars are Mo and F.O.C.A., two robots who feature in a series of short animated clips (91 episodes and counting) named RObotzi which are very popular in Romania. Too bad for you! But I’ll leave you with a set of Rendam short clips, just to get a taste of what CreativeMonkeyz are doing.

Trust me, there is nothing like this game anywhere on the web and you’ll have a great time playing it. The feedback from Mo and F.O.C.A. will keep your device in one piece even if you scored only 5 points in the last 1000 attempts. Fartravel made the gaming experience more pleasant than what previous Flappy Bird-like games were offering and you actually get to enjoy playing this game rather than being frustrated and unleashing the dark passenger. . The game has 33MB and already got a 69 pack of goodies with sounds, right now you’ll be able to download version 1.0.3.

Without further introduction, here are some tips which will help you control Mo’s farts:

  • At the beginning of the game you have only 5 farts available;
  • Meteorites are coming towards you and using those farts you have to avoid them, but while doing that, you must collect the magic green bean which will give you another 5 farts;
  • Previous unused farts are not added to newly gained farts, so between 2 sets of meteorites you got exactly 5 farts ( use them wisely );
  • Both bottom and upper side of the screen are filled with small meteorites which will end the game once you crash into them;
  • There are 2 ways to avoid meteorites, one way is right between them and the other one is between one meteorite and bottom/upper set of small meteorites;
  • As you advance, the speed increases;
  • Each green bean is a point;
  • Whenever you crash, you get a rank for your performance;
  • At 20 magic green beans you encounter a blue bean ( you’ll get to know what it does, I only reached 11 points so far :( ).

You can download it from Google Play Store, and soon it will be available for Windows Phone and iOS. Grab it while is free! Kidding, it’s always going to be free, that’s what CreativeMonkeyz is all bout. LLTCM!

Official description of RObotzi Fartravel:

Space! The final fart-tier. Guide the two stranded RObotz through space as they float using the power of flatulence. It isn’t called Fartravel for nothing, so collect the space-beans to refuel and keep going.

The characters: MO – the rusty hyper active flatulent one and FOCA (Seal) – the cool, calm and collect blue one, are the characters of a highly successful Romanian animated series entitled RObotzi. Feel free to look for it on YouTube (the series is in Romanian tho, but you’ll still get to see them in action in different settings).
The action in this particular setting is the sequel to one of the episodes. Long story short: they had a space-ship. MO used all the parts of the space ship to repair an orbital station, and now they have to travel back home on a rusty piece of junk, using MO’s “bowl reactor” to navigate.

Tap to play – you only have 5 taps, so be sure to collect the space beans to refuel. You only score points by collecting beans. At the 20 bean mark… there’s a secret bean (not so secret now, is it?) – that does something useful (gotta love all the mistery).

The game is available both in English and Romanian – so feel free to change the language pack in the settings menu.

Go on, collect all the space beans and lets see how fart you can really travel.

RObotzi Fartravel Image Gallery


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