Change Quick Settings on Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge might be the Android based device of this year and many actually say that this handset has it all: a stunning screen and a powerful processor, a lightweight body encapsulated by a dual curved edge design and so many features that I cannot even count. I don’t deny all these, but I always think that there is some space for improvement and Galaxy S7 Edge can be perfect if you are not afraid of making all the necessary changes for you.

Here I am to help you change quick settings on your Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. You can go to the notification bar menu, and then, you will be able to change the quick settings to get access to WiFi and Bluetooth settings from the top of the screen in the notification bar. But how to customize and adjust quick toggles on your Galaxy S7 Edge?

Let me tell you a top: if you pulldown the notification bar with two fingers you can get access to the “Quick Settings” menu. From this page you can change the notification bar on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

How to Change Quick Settings on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen no more than two times; you can also get there by swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers in the same time;
  2. Now, you are in the “Quick Settings” menu;
  3. Select on the “Pencil” at the top of the display;
  4. Depending on your wireless carrier, you’ll go to the Notification Panel edit settings location;
  5. While being here, you can remove the brightness adjustment slider from the bar, as well as set all the quick settings buttons that you want to customize;
  6. Just press and hold any toggle you want to remove;
  7. After it’s highlighted, don’t hesitate to drag and drop it anywhere you’d like it to be.

After that, you will see the new favorite toggles or settings to the Active buttons which you have customized.

For those interested in getting the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device, then make sure to check out these guides:

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