Snapseed 2 is one of a kind Mobile Photo Editing App

It’s been quite a long time since Google enabled Snapseed developer Nik Software, but now we are talking about the second version of the photo-editing app. Snapseed 2 revamps the UI and combines the old selective area edits with new one-touch edit tools and filters, so things look so much different.

The loss of the Grunge filter might not have been the best move, but despite of that, Snapseed 2 is one of a kind mobile photo editing app and there are plenty of features, including non-destructive editing, that support my words.

Snapseed comes with a wide array of photo editing tools that will help you tweak your photo in ways that you have not even imagined. The software features all the basic editing tools like cropping, rotation, and vignetting, but there is no surprise in that. The advanced manipulation techniques are the ones which deserve all user’s attention such as details enhancement, healing, and image tuning, both automatic and manual with fine tuning and more.

With Snapseed for Android, you can edit DNG RAW photos not only on your current Android phone, but also on your tablet, making complete adjustments like white balance, shadow exposure and more. And for a totally new look, there are several effects that can be applied to a whole image, or only to selected parts, as well as filters like Noir, Lens Blur, Retrolux, or anything else that you might fancy using these days.

Every single filter that I am telling you about can be combined into stacks, which can be re-edited or applied to other images. Individual filters in stacks can be re-edited and selectively removed from any point in the stack. And you even have the chance to use the Stacks Brush tool to paint filters onto parts of your image.

Last but certainly not least, I must tell you about that redesigned UI provides a major aesthetic upgrade over all previous versions. How can you say no to all these?

Snapseed 2 is available from this Google Play link.

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