Enjoy Portrait Mode aka Live Focus on your Galaxy S9+

The strongest point of Samsung devices has long been its camera and the Galaxy S9+ smartphone is no exception. In fact, you all know that Samsung made a big deal about the smartphone’s camera system even before the phone was announced; “The Camera, Reimagined” was the tagline that captured everyone’s attention and that is what we are all expecting.

The new camera is able to take sharper photos in challenging lighting conditions, it has a new dual aperture that works like a human eye to better adjust to bright or dark lighting, it comes with facial recognition, but an improved one that can compete with the iPhone X’s new Face ID feature, a fun slow-motion tool that lets users take videos that are around 32 times slower than traditional video, not to mention that it makes sure photos are crisp and clear most of the time.

Even more, the truth is that Galaxy S9+ users have an advantage over the single-lensed variant. The portrait mode aka Live Focus is the one that I am talking about as it lets you take portraits of people or of an object with an amazing depth-of-field effect, thanks to the dual lens setup. So, this is a mode that is only available on the S9 + and not on the Galaxy S9 units because the telephoto lens helps make it happen.

However, the background color, lighting conditions, and amount of blur are all incredibly important, so be careful about every single choice that you are making. You should better make sure that you have ample light and learn to adjust the background blur as all you have to do is slide the slider until the picture looks well balanced.

Keep in mind that a light background can never make the subject look great, so vivid backgrounds are a must if you want the best result. And you must stay away from objects with fuzzy borders. It doesn’t really matter how advanced this Galaxy S9+ camera is, but the hair that is blowing in the wind doesn’t work like a charm at all.

All these are a part of a mobile camera experience that’s like to be market leading for 2018, so enjoy and discover more about your handset’s camera.

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