How to install TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you want to install TWRP Recovery on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6? As you can see, here we are to help you and you know that so many advantages are waiting for you!

However, we want to be clear about the fact that you can use this post only for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 version. To be more precise, your device’s model number has to be SM-G920P, so don’t hesitate to check the version of your device under Settings> About Device menu.

So, you have been warned that you must not attempt to use this guide with any other Galaxy S6 version or you risk soft bricking it (if not even worst).

In other cases, you can use our guide on How to Flash TWRP Recovery on Various Galaxy S6 Versions (China, Korea, T-Mobile, US Cellular and more) from here or the tutorial for installing TWRP Recovery on the International Samsung Galaxy S6 from here.

Before you can actually start the installation process, you must make a backup of your data and check the battery life, just to be sure that your smartphone won’t turn off in the middle of the operation. Even more, don’t forget that USB Debugging should be enabled from the Developer Options section and that Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn off during the procedure (so, charge it now).

To be clear right from the start, this is not an official procedure, so it will void the warranty of your device (here we have a solution for this problem). And yes, you can use this guide on how to install TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 only if you are an advanced Android user.

We are not responsible in case you lose any of your precious data in the process or after or if you brick the handset. Are you ready for that? Do you assume the entire responsibility for the result? Then, enough with the talking and let’s start!

How to install TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6:

  1. Download Odin on your computer – get the program from any source you want;
  2. Visit this page and take the TWRP for your Sprint S6 version;
  3. Also enter here for finding the file;
  4. Move the file to your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone;
  5. Now turn it off and then reboot it into the Download Mode;
  6. Unzip the Odin file and open the extracted folder;
  7. Run Odin on your PC;
  8. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone to the computer by using the USB cable;
  9. The ID:COM port of Odin is going to be highlighted to show that your device has been detected;
  10. Click the AP button and select twrp- file;
  11. It’s time to select Start button in order to begin the installation process;
  12. After flashing you’ll get the usual PASS! message on Odin and your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 will reboot automatically;
  13. Disconnect it from PC;
  14. Turn it off and then reboot it into the Recovery mode;
  15. Tap the Install option in TWRP, find your way to and then select it;
  16. In order to confirm your selection, don’t hesitate to swipe the slider;
  17. Go to main menu in TWRP Recovery and choose the reboot option.

That was all! You made it! This is your chance to enjoy a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 device with TWRP recovery installed on it. Let us know if you like it even more than before!

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