How to Activate Call Waiting for Honor Devices with EMUI

It is definitely easy to setup a call forwarding on your Huawei device with EMUI. You’ve seen that already. What about call waiting? Do note that call waiting helps you identify calls when you are currently on a call. They show as a missed call on your phone, while Call waiting for every call will be redirected to another preset number.

Or if you want to answer an incoming call during an ongoing call, you need to do the same thing: just turn on Call waiting. Follow these easy instructions to do it on your Honor handset with EMUI. Why am I saying EMUI over and over again? Honor smartphones offer EMUI in their smartphones and this varies a lot compared to stock Android experience.

Yes, the settings are bit different too, but be sure of the fact that here I am to guide you. And remember that since this is a network supported feature, you can only activate it when having a working SIM inside.

How to Activate Call Waiting for Honor Devices with EMUI:

  1. First of all, go to Settings;
  2. In the Settings menu, you have to tap on Wireless and Network;
  3. Then, you must find your way into Settings > Additional Settings;
  4. You must find the “Call waiting” option here. So, simply tap to toggle it On;
  5. If you wish to disable call waiting, all you have to do is to toggle the option off;
  6. After doing that, you will not get any notification of incoming calls during a call in progress. The choice is always yours to make!

Enabling this service wasn’t at all a complicated thing to do, was it? Do share your opinion with us via the comments area.

I can only hope this guide helped you with activating call waiting in your Huawei Honor handset with EMUI. If this content has been useful to you, you will probably be interested in our other tutorials too, so keep on exploring. There are plenty of other guides for your Huawei device and not only.

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