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WhatsApp has just started rolling out its own set of emojis in the latest beta update for its app — version 2.17.364. Well, people signed into WhatsApp’s beta program will now see a new set of emojis after updating their app to the latest version, so select WhatsApp users receive new emojis that look different. If you are used to emojis, it’ll be easier for you to spot the difference.

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If you don’t use emojis at all, you’ll not even notice the changes. The truth is that WhatsApp hasn’t added any new emojis, bit it has only updated the existing set of emojis. However, it’s a great ting to those like me.

They look like iOS and the whole set appears more cartoonish than iOS, which itself is a little more cartoonish than it used to be before. Therefore, they are some sort of a reminiscent of the previous set, but also just a little closer to Android Oreo 8.0’s emojis too.

As we mentioned before, new WhatsApp emojis are currently available for WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.17.364 users. The public rollout is expected in the next few days or perhaps even weeks – we can never know for sure. However, if you want to start using new emojis right now, you should be a beta user. How to solve that in no time? All you have to go to WhatsApp install page on Play Store.

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Then, you have to scroll down and find out an option to join WhatsApp beta program. All you must do is to enroll yourself into a beta program and update the app. You may receive new emojis in the near future and get a taste of this fresh update.

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