How to Use the Android Piktures Beautiful Gallery App

Are you looking for a gallery app that makes editing a breeze and can easily manage both your photos and videos? Is not as if I would be saying that Google Photos is not an amazing choice. I know that it can search based on the subject using image analysis, that you can automatically upload any pictures you take to Google’s cloud storage and yes, it comes on most Android phones by default, but I think that this is where the problem comes from.

Many of you like to experiment, to see if there is anything better out there and the truth is that yes, you can find much faster and more reliable options to choose from.

Piktures – Beautiful Gallery is such an example, an amazing app which claims to be the first gesture-based photo gallery for managing all of your photos and videos with an incredible ease. This app does everything a photo gallery app would do and more than that as long as it even has a GIF player and can easily protect your most personal photos and videos behind a PIN-code protected Secure Drive thanks to that special Secure Drive feature.

Piktures – Beautiful Gallery is gesture-based, as almost everything can be accessed through swiping and sliding. The user has little interaction with menus, except when selecting different views, categories, and so on. The Calendar view is also worthy of your attention as it offers innovative vertical scroll for fast browsing, not to mention that the app lets you resize photos before sharing.

And don’t leave aside the fact that it has a fast and beautiful interface and ads are nowhere to be found. Therefore, nothing is stopping you from downloading the app!

With these being said, I can only encourage you to take the amazing Piktures – Beautiful Gallery app from here to your device and enjoy it! You worthy it!

What’s your favorite aspect of this app – the beautiful and intuitive interface, or the powerful photo-editing tools? Let us know in the comment section below, or write us in the contact form. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

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