Disable Apps for certain time frames with Procrastination Punisher

Finding focus is rapidly becoming the biggest workplace challenge. Do you dream of having some quality time for yourself or for your loved ones, but your Android device seems to be standing on your way? I totally get you! Technology seems to take over our life, so it’s incredibly useful to have an easy way to create a distraction-free setting, to take regular time-outs to relax and rebuild our precious energy. Strange or not, the help comes as an app, but one that takes care of you and your time.

I am talking about Procrastination Punisher, a special app which lets you disable certain apps for certain time frames, or your business email app on evenings and weekends. So, this is the perfect choice if procrastination on your phone is an issue that you are dealing with most of the time.

Procrastination Punisher can save your career and even your marriage – developers claim. I wouldn’t go that far into saying that, but I am sure that it can do wonders if you’re really determined to take things seriously and focus more on what truly matters in your life.

And because, sometimes, you need to break the rules, Procrastination Punisher gives you the option to do just that, but be careful about the fact that you have to pay for it! You haven’t seen this one coming, am I right?

Specifically, you will have to donate an amount that you specify per app to a charity of your choice. It’s true that donations are processed through the developer of this Android app, and forwarded to charities each quarter, but this is the best solution to save on processing fees and to maximize the value of your donation. And if you still feel the need to check that, I totally get you, so I am glad to tell you that you can always choose to request a copy of the payment-receipts for the payments made to charities from support@greatbytes.org.

Grab Procrastination Punisher from here and start living your life more! I don’t want to get all sensitive or something, but just think that one day it might be too late for that and you won’t be able to change a thing!

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