Solve Galaxy Note 8 Mobile Internet Lag

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gives you the infinity screen that all users love – after all, this is the largest screen that a Galaxy Note has ever had, crisp photos in low light conditions, the best S Pen ever and a high-performing mobile processor, so it’s obviously that there are plenty of times when you want to log onto the internet and chat, send your latest photos or play a game.

The handset’s Mobile Internet Lag often stops you from doing that. You need a steady, strong internet connection to do all these and I am aware of the fact that it is very frustrating to purchase a new phone and then experience such issues.

If your internet is moving slow on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you don’t really have to blame it on your smartphone. Let’s take a closer look at the following tips that might help you fix this problem. That is how you can:

Solve Galaxy Note 8 Mobile Internet Lag:

  1. First of all, it can be a poor signal, so the low signal strength is the first thing to check up on;
  2. Using websites with very high traffic can result in poor internet connection and make even a device such as yours freeze;
  3. Note that you may have too little memory or too many apps running in the background and taking up of your resources – try to close the apps from the background and to free up some memory;
  4. If there are multiple people sharing the network you are using, then it’s obviously that this will lower your signal strength.
  5. If you have not recently emptied your Internet cache, it may be full. This can result in a reduced connection on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  6. The handset might need a firmware update – check to see if there is any new version available. After updating the firmware, you should consider updating the browser software too;
  7. There are also high chances that the data speed limit provided by your mobile carrier has been surpassed.

If none of the options above has helped you resolve your issue and you are still dealing with slow, lagging Internet speeds, you will need to get Technical Support or even ask for a replacement device.

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