Enable Dark Mode on your Huawei P20 Device

Screens have become a part of our lives, making their way into almost every part of work and fun time. Did I say “almost”? I actually think that “every” is a better term to describe the situation that we are in. Most of us who have been using smartphones from the time when they were introduced will know how difficult it could get when we try to use the device in poor lighting conditions. This is why when Google first talked about night mode or dark mode, smartphone users were curious to discover it.

These are nothing else than features that can help Android users stop the emission of blue light so that they can comfortably work on their smartphones without worrying about eye-fatigue and your Huawei P20 device is no exception. A Dark Mode is there too, just waiting to be enabled if you have the time to do it!

Your phone will then use a dark background so that you do not feel blinded when you open your phone in the dark. In addition to offering a higher level of comfort to your eyes, this mode could also help smartphone users avoid certain health related issues which can otherwise occur as a result of using their Huawei P20 phone in dark. One of these disadvantages is that the hues of blue stimulate your brain to increase alertness and reduce the chances of falling asleep.

While Dark mode could make sure that your device does not strain your eyes too much or that you won’t skip the night sleep, it does offer some extra benefits too like a longer battery life, not to mention that some users just find it more aesthetically pleasing.

To enable this mode on your Huawei smartphone, just follow the below procedure. And be sure that no harm could get to your device. This doesn’t even require root and I am here to guide you:

Enable Dark Mode on your Huawei P20 Device:

  1. At first, go to Settings;
  2. Then, enter into Battery;
  3. Here, you just have to toggle on Darken interface colors. Well, up to this point, your settings screens will use the Dark mode, but third-party apps won’t.

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