How to clear App Cache on OnePlus 5

For those that own the new One Plus smartphone, you may want to know how to clear cache on OnePlus 5. This is an essential troubleshooting step for those users who are experiencing an issue with the OnePlus 5, so boot into Recovery Mode to wipe and clear the cache partition. If you’re having trouble with a specific application or game, then you can simply go in and clear the cache for that particular application, but today I want to show you how to clear the entire partition.

For those of you who don’t know, let me add that the app cache is based on third-party apps that you download from the Play Store. They have their own cache that allows for quicker usage of the app. Things like a remembered username/password, game settings and preferences are all part of the app cache.

If you choose to clear cache on your OnePlus 5, the procedure helps with any bugs or software issues that you could be having. I am talking about corrupt or missing cache data that can cause all sorts of bugs to appear when you’re using your phone such as apps acting out crazy, games force closing, certain hardware (like sensors) not working properly, and more.

In such situations, it’s recommended to either clear the cache or complete a factory reset of your phone and here I am to help you with the first part.

How to clear App Cache on OnePlus 5:

  1. Power on your OnePlus 5;
  2. Then, you have to open Settings;
  3. Tap on App Manager;
  4. Select on the app that you want to clear its cache;
  5. Browse for the app info on the screen;
  6. Then, tap on Clear Cache;
  7. If you’d like to all app cache, then go and tap on Settings > Storage;
  8. Tap on Cached Data as this will clear all app caches at the same.

Was this helpful? If not, hard resting the device is also a potential solution, don’t forget that!

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