Fix your Samsung Note 8 that Turns Off Randomly

I guess you were so happy when you got your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but all of a sudden the device started tripping off by itself. I am perfectly aware of the fact that this can be very irritating, especially when you’re doing something. However, my advice is not to be anxious, the fact that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 automatically switches off does not necessarily mean that it has a problem that cannot be fixed.

You can consult a Samsung technician to fix it or get it completely replaced. I am talking about these possible solutions if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still under the warranty you used in purchasing it. That could save you a lot of money, yet not necessarily time, so that is why you should first try out a few things on your own.

There are no risky procedures, I can assure you of that, so let’s proceed:

Fix your Samsung Note 8 that Turns Off Randomly:

  • There are big chances to find out that an app is behind all these sudden reboots. As you know, a convenient way to get rid of the app installed is Safe mode. It is a method that enables you to get access to the device, safely uninstall that particular app and remove the bugs causing the problem. This should stop the problem of restarting and the procedure is here detailed:
  1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device;
  2. You have to press the power on/off button in order to reboot the device;
  3. Immediately the device comes on and it displays the Samsung start logo, hold the volume quieter button;
  4. Keep it pressed until the phone finishes rebooting;
  5. After loading successfully, a Safe Mode will display on screen.
  • If this isn’t your case, then let me remind you that when your Note 8 goes off without warning, it’s frequently a sign that the battery is defective. In cases where you have a secondary battery, you can actually do a test. If you don’t have one, there are applications to test the battery status of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might also act like this because it’s overheated. The reasons for the overheating can be many, therefore take a closer look at this guide: How to Fix Note 8 Heating Issues.
  • Don’t hesitate to perform a quick factory reset on your Samsung Note 8 smartphone if none of the previous tips helped. Just note that it is very important that you back up all your important data so as not to lose all of your information in the process.

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