How to Fix ‘Can’t connect to camera’ Bug Plaguing Pixel 3 Devices

The Pixel 3 is one of the most popular handsets these days. It isn’t though perfect. We are impressed with the quality of images taken with the new-gen Pixel but we’ve heard several issues already including overheating, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems, messages that disappear or photos not being saved on the gallery. As for the camera, it has its issues too.

Reports about camera problems started coming in late October. Some users are stating that a certain issue starts when users try to use the camera in another app, like a social media app or a banking app that lets you take photos of checks to deposit them.

Then, when users return to the main camera app on the Pixel 3, the camera app shows a blank screen. Or a notification pops up within the app saying the camera has experiences a “fatal error.” And this isn’t the only issue.

The “can’t connect to camera” message

For some, a “can’t connect to camera” message also appears on Pixel 3 when trying to use a 3rd-party application. When an app attempts to access the camera, the message is there, like a nightmare. And like it or not, any access to the camera is disabled from that point forward.

When this occurs, users say that the flashlight is also disabled. Pixel owners have also discussed this in the Google Product Forums and we know that an over-the-air fix is soon expected. Well, this is pretty much that you can do about it. This, along with restarting the device which is said to provide a temporary fix. But the bug may come back later.

Users claim that it also persists through a factory reset and can even happen in Safe Mode, so that’s all. Always make sure you’re running the latest Android update as a fix is about to come.

And you could also try to contact a Google support specialist to see if it has any other suggestions for you.

Have you solved the problem? Don’t hesitate to also leave a friendly remark in the comments section below.

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