Pixel 3: Get to Pixel Stand Settings

We already know pretty much all there is to know about Google’s Pixel 3 smartphones, but there’s still a lot to learn about its “Pixel Stand”. For the first time the third generation of Pixels has wireless charging and we are all excited. The handset even comes with own charging stand and you’ve guessed this one from the start. The stand does more than just topping up the battery.

When you dock your phone, the magic happens. It knows your morning routine — so when you wake up, it will display information like commute times. It also wakes you up in the morning with a great ambient light and lets you enjoy a Photo Slideshow of your very best photos.

Even more, the user interface of your Pixel 3 adjusts to show information that you can see at a glance. The information is powered by Google Assistant, so you get the very best. And you are also able to quickly ask Assistant to find relevant information about last night’s game score or the cheapest flight to your next destination.

However, you definitely want more than that. You’d think, having the Pixel Stand, its settings would be somewhere obvious. Well, guess again. Many users are confused, but here I am to help. Things cannot stay this way for too long.

Get to Pixel Stand Settings

Don’t worry, things aren’t at all complicated. You must first drop-down your quick settings/notification shade and long press the Bluetooth icon. This takes you to the options that says Connected devices. Waste no more time and tap on Previously connected devices. Here, you’ll find Pixel Stand and all you need to do now is tap the settings cog next to it.

You haven’t seen this path coming, right? A little bit of mystery never hurts once in a while, so chill out.

And if you want to keep on finding more about the Pixel Stand, you are exactly where you should be. Keep on exploring our pages and ask for help when needing it!

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