Get True Silent Mode in Lollipop Based Devices

We cannot deny that Android 5.0 Lollipop is a great release and that it has been a real battle between people wanting to enjoy this version sooner than anyone else, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are some changes regarding the notification sounds and silent mode. Basically, it’s not truly silent and we have that!

The new Priority Mode notification system has disabled the Silent Mode, so you still have the possibility to put your phone on vibrate, but that’s not truly silent. If you choose the None, this is not an option either as long as the no notification icons will be shown in your status bar and your alarm will not function when you need it the most,

The development team at Great Bytes Software found a solution to bring Silent Mode back to Lollipop devices, not to mention that it addition to that, will also give you an expandable volume panel with native Heads Up functionality.

Are you curious about this solution? Let us tell you the fact that we are talking about an app whichis called SoundHUD. A free 14-day trial version is available on the Google Play Store, so don’t hesitate to search it by name and give it a try. This time is more than enough to understand if it is what you are looking for or not.

How to Get True Silent Mode in Lollipop Based Devices:

  1. Install SoundHUD with the help of this direct link;
  2. When you first launch SoundHUD app, we can already tell you that will ask you to enable its Accessibility plugin; do not hesitate to tap Open settings on this message;
  3. After that, simply select the SoundHUD entry on the following menu;
  4. From here, toggle the switch at the top of the screen to On;
  5. You must also press OK on the popup;
  6. At this point, the new SoundHUD volume panel will already be active if you press one of your volume buttons to bring it up. However, customizing it is more than necessary, just to make sure that you have all that you want. So, open the SoundHUD app;
  7. Tap Customize Volume Panel from the main menu;
  8. From here, it’s time to adjust the volume panel’s coloring and timeout period;
  9. Then, tap Style to see more options. In addition to the default style of Expandable, you can also set your volume panel to overlay only your status bar;
  10. Under the Audio and media, you have the possibility to set apps to launch when you long-press the volume buttons, not to mention that you can choose to mute the volume adjustment sound;
  11. Under Advanced, you can find an option for blacklisting apps so that the volume panel won’t come up when you press your volume buttons.

That was all! What do you think of your new volume panel? It looks and functions exactly like the stock volume panel, excepting the fact that it has a tinny arrow on the right. But this is where the magic comes from! This little arrow is the one which gives you the possibility to expand the volume panel, to put your phone.

And unlike you are used in stock mode, pressing the volume down button twice will mute the ringer and disable vibration. Just what you’d want from a true “Silent Mode”, even if your device is running on Lollipop!

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