How to Adjust Vibration Strength on LG G3 Within Seconds

The latest LG G3 is LG’s best phone yet – there is no reason to deny that. But some of the usual problems that we have with any phone are still here. Here’s a quick tip for anyone who’s sick of missing important calls, texts, emails and not only while LG’s G3 smartphone is in your pockets because you didn’t feel the vibrate go off.

To be more precise, we are here to teach you how to adjust vibration strength on LG G3 and get rid of all these problems. They happen more often than we are willing to accept, so it’s time to take action and change that! The procedure is as simple as it can be and will be over within seconds. Don’t you believe us?

You can see that by yourself by quickly following the steps below:

How to Adjust Vibration Strength on LG G3:

  1. Adjusting vibration strength is built right into the main settings menu on the G3, therefore the fisrt step is going to setting;
  2. Head into Sound;
  3. Then go to Vibrate strength;
  4. You’ll immediately see a box with three sliders to adjust individual vibration strengths for incoming calls, notifications and for when you tap the screen;
  5. As you move the sliders up and down, your LG G3 will vibrate in order to choose the level that you want;
  6. After taking a decision, just hit OK.

And don’t forget that you can also turn on vibrate only mode from the notification tray. As we have previously told you, there’s a toggle that will say either “Sound,” “Vibrate” or “Silent”, according to the mode that your LG G3 phone is currently in.

Tapping it will immediately cycle between the three and after that, be sure that your LG G3 will vibrate away as strong or as weakly as you’d want, with no missed calls and messages!


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