Learn to Install Games on DZ09 Smartwatch Phone

If you’re the proud owner of a new DZ09 smartwatch phone, you may be wondering how to install games on it. Well, wonder no more, as here you can find everything that you need to know for such a procedure. Owners have repeatedly complained about the fact that there are no .vxp games available for this watch, but even if they are right, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing waiting for you.

Quite the opposite, you should know that there is a secret game center or store from where you can download various games on your DZ09 Smartwatch Phone too, so don’t waste any more time.

Are you curious to give a try to this tutorial? Well, you can do that, but don’t skip the preparatory steps in case of wanting to be successful:

  • You have to insert a SIM Card with active mobile data into DZ09;
  • You need a micro SD Card inserted too;
  • For the procedure to work, you must also make mobile data work on your watch. Therefore, enter into Settings and setup Access point settings.

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Learn to Install Games on DZ09 Smartwatch Phone:

  1. First of all, you need to open Dialer on your device;
  2. After that, just type *#000000000# (be careful about the fact that there are no more than nine zeros);
  3. Tap on Game Center to launch the Game Store that I have told you about;
  4. Choose and tap on the game you wish to download.

That’s how you can easily install games on your DZ09 smartwatch. I’ve told you that there is a solution for you too as well!

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