How to Customize Multitasking on your Note 9

For hardcore gamers or those who plan on some intense multitasking with the Note 9, be sure of the fact that the phone can handle it. Your handset features the largest and most ambitious Water Carbon Cooling system yet in a Samsung device. The idea behind this system is simple: water can be found inside a porous thermal spreader and as the Note 9 heats up, the water inside the spreader turns into steam, which then carries some of the thermal energy away through a pipe.

When the device cools down, the steam turns back into water and then returns to its original placement in the spreader for the process to repeat itself, preventing the processor from ever overheating too quickly. That way, you should be able to play games on your Note 9 for longer periods of time without worrying about this problem that affects all devices, not to mention that multitasking becomes a breeze.

As a matter of fact, Samsung offers enhanced multitasking functionality on all its phones and it’s there on your device too, even if a bit hidden. How to customize multitasking on your phone and enjoy that Water Carbon Cooling system to the fullest? I might be able to help you with that!

Worry not, here goes the actual tutorial:

How to Customize Multitasking on your Note 9:

  1. First, go into Settings;
  2. Tap Advanced features > Multi Window;
  3. Now, turn on the multitasking shortcuts. You can move apps into split screen by dragging them to the top of the screen in overview or by long-pressing the overview button (after tuning the shortcuts on);
  4. Pop-up View is unique to Samsung and is accessible by dragging an app card to the middle of the screen in overview. These shrunken app windows are resizable, and you can even minimize them to floating bubbles;
  5. After turning on the Multi Window shortcuts, you can enter Pop-up View for any supported app by dragging down from the top left or right corner.

If you have any problems about applying the above steps, then ask in the comments box. I can definitely try to solve your problem, so don’t keep it to yourself.

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