Learn to Increase Galaxy S9 Touch Sensitivity

When curved screens were new, getting a curved glass screen protector was hard and not many manufacturers were up to the task. Thankfully, many have figured it out, and your Galaxy S9 is always protected. The curved glass models found today in the market are shaped to fit your smartphone perfectly, while also being extremely hard and resistant to scratches, extra tips such as oleophobic coating to stop unsightly smudges and fingerprints making them even more recommended than before, but have you taken in consideration all aspects of using them?

Yes, slapping a screen protector on the display as soon as you get it is actually one of my top recommendations ever, but this can also lead to a slight degradation in touchscreen sensitivity. Users all over the world shared their challenges with the screen, especially after adding a screen protector and you might be one of them too, but don’t you even think of taking it off!

Need I remind you that you’re not supposed to be sacrificing anything when it comes to the safety of your Galaxy S9 device? Your display basically looks just as clear as it would if you didn’t have a screen protector installed and a tap on the Touch Sensitivity toggle solved all the touchscreen sensitivity you might be experiencing with your Galaxy S9 device.

So, it’s worth considering taking a closer look at the below steps, if not even applying them. What do you say about that?

Learn How to Increase Galaxy S9 Touch Sensitivity:

  1. At first, you have to open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone;
  2. Then, it’s time to tap the Advanced features option;
  3. Now, it’s time to scroll all the way to the bottom as you have to find the “Touch Sensitivity” toggle makes the screen more sensitive to compensate for your screen protector. All you must do is to toggle it On and you are good to go.

Do you notice any mahor improvment or not! Leave your opinion in the commments area from below.

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