Set Background Process Limit on your Samsung Galaxy A8

I’m an Android lover so I use a lot of devices day to day. Many of them are high end models, yet I also have affordable devices that managed to surprise me in one way or another. However, in all cases, the story is the same: Android handsets these days keep some important processes running in the background in order to provide a smooth experience to owners.

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy A8, you may install many third-party apps on your device, and some apps are resource intensive with their processes running in the background. If any of the apps that you have installed eats processing and memory of the device while running in the background, your gadget may start performing slowly.

In order to maintain the much needed balance between the running background resources and device performance, the Android operating system gives you the chance to limit the number of processes that should keep running in the background. Are you still having some doubts about that? I totally get the feeling, so you should better act fast and put an end to this!

Does such an action really keep restrictions on the running apps? Can you notice some changes in the battery performance department? Well, if you do that and don’t multitask much, be sure that this is ideal to keep your Galaxy A8 device functioning smoothly.

Detailed procedure:

  1. First of all, you have to switch on your Samsung Galaxy A8;
  2. Next, you must tap on Settings icon;
  3. Under the Settings interface, tap Developer options;
  4. Under Developer Options, scroll down, and tap on the option that says Background process limit;
  5. Then, select the option that says At most, 4 processes, as this is your goal;
  6. Finally, don’t hesitate to restart your Samsung phone in order to keep all the new changes.

Once your Galaxy A8 phone is turned-on, you’ll see a noticeable difference in its general performance. Can’t find your answer in this detailed procedure? Ask and be sure that your question will receive its answer!

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