How to Choose Galaxy S8 Performance Mode

Samsung has thoughtfully implemented a device maintenance section that lets you choose from a number of performance modes — Optimized, Game, Entertainment, as well as High Performance. While these modes can indeed make a noticeable improvement, they aren’t as drastic as some users might expect, that it something that you should know from the start.

However, I do recommend taking you time to get to understand these modes and learn to choose your ideal Galaxy S8 Performance Mode. Is not as if I’d say that the Galaxy S8 is not one of the most powerful phones on the market, but it actually is and that’s why I think that it’s your duty to explore.

And the truth is that a little help in running games or apps smoothly doesn’t hurt. So, here are your four options:

Galaxy S8 Performance Modes:

  • Optimized: this one brings you a balanced battery life, screen resolution and more for everyday use
  • Game: if you choose this mode, you will get a better gaming experience by making games run more smoothly
  • Entertainment: Enjoy music & videos with ultra high quality sound and enhanced images
  • High Performance: Experience the highest quality display and performance settings. However, make no confusion when it comes to this mode. The option called High Performance won’t actually increase your processing power at all as long as it mode is meant to increase your screen brightness and set the display to its full 2960 x 1440 resolution. For increasing performance, the setting you should use is Game Mode, which should give you smoother graphics while gaming and a little extra oomph while doing everything else.

This sound perfect, I know, but it’s also my duty to remind you that such a performance comes at the cost of a poor battery life.

How to Choose Galaxy S8 Performance Mode:

  1. For the start, head into Settings;
  2. Navigate to Device Maintenance;
  3. Now, select it;
  4. Before or during its scan select the Performance Mode tachometer icon;
  5. Now, just select the Performance Mode you’d like from the available options that I have told you about;
  6. Don’t forget to hit Apply to make sure that your choice is not lost.

Have you recently become the owner of a Galaxy S8 smartphone? What other useful tips and tricks have you discovered that help you get more out of your new device? Let us know in the comments are from below or by using the contact form.

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