How to Set Custom Animations on your Galaxy A8

Changing the animation speed is a little-known trick with Android for years and I love that it can often make your device feel faster. What if you dig deeper on your Galaxy A8 handset? We usually see many animations while using our smartphones and all these animations keep exhausting the limited resources of the handsets.

Even if they look pretty good and I totally love their presence there, certainly just putting a cap on them would give you a better performance. Did you know that your Android device allows you to turn off or at least adjust most of the animations that you’re seeing throughout the system? I am not going turn animations completely, instead we’ll lower their amount, and duration.

Setting everything to the maximum (10x) will make things incredibly slow – resulting in overlaid screens and all sort of problems. But, of course, other combination of settings will work ideal and besides disabling animations, you can also choose to play around with their speed, or duration for the best results.

Again, this option is available under the Developer Options, so you must first enable your Android device’s developer options for the procedure to work. Then, here’s the detailed guide:

How to Set Custom Animations on your Galaxy A8:

  1. For the start, you need to tap on Developer Options;
  2. Scroll down to Drawing section to locate Animations settings;
  3. Then, there are three different options that can be disabled or adjusted: “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale”, as well as “Animator duration scale”;
  4. Up next, you must put the 0.5 value to each;
  5. At the end, you must restart your phone. Of course, the changes you make in this guide will stick after reboot, so enjoy them! They will improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy A8 and since we are talking about a reduced quantity and duration of animations, the battery life is also taken in consideration.

Don’t hesitate to keep an eye on us. Also like, share and comment if you’ve experienced any sort of problems during the guide here detailed.

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