Learn to Root your Oppo F1

I don’t want to say anything bad about your Oppo F1, but quite the opposite, I think that it is quite a capable device. However, there are certain power users who want the best from their handsets and since root is available, your desire can come true.

Do you also want to obtain root on it? It’s my duty to remind you the fact that rooting your device may cause loss of warranty, but I am sure that you don’t get scared of these things too easily. In any case, I am saying that based on the fact that you are not a newbie and you know what you are doing. As it always happens with such procedures, you are the only one responsible for any further losses and damages caused to your device and I will not be held liable in any circumstances.

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What to do to prepare your Oppo F1 for the rooting procedure:

  • Before starting, you must backup the personal data saved on your smartphone as it might get wiped out completely. Think of every important file, song, contact, message, video and so on, so don’t skip this step;
  • Oppo’s USB drivers must be installed on your computer or laptop; if you don’t have them, just use this link to grab them;
  • Enable USB debugging mode by following the path Menu->Settings->Developer options ->USB debugging. If Developer options are not there, then go to Settings->About Phone and tap 7 times on the Build number. This will make the Developer option appear in the Settings menu;
  • This process will only work if you’ve unlocked your booloader. So if you haven’t done that yet, feel free to check out this guide to get started;
  • Then, when you’ve finished, come back here, to see the last step. Well, it’s time to charge your Oppo F1 battery at least up to 70% so as to minimize the risks of interrupting the rooting process.

How to Root your Oppo F1:

  1. Take King Root Apk from here;
  2. Also download SuperSU-me Apk from here too;
  3. Launch King Root;
  4. You must click on the Try to Root option. This will start the rooting process;
  5. The process will take around a minute to complete successfully;
  6. After a successful completion, you’ll see green tick with a Root successfully message appearing below it. This will confirm that your Oppo F1 has been indeed rooted;
  7. After rooting, Kinguser and some other Chinese applications will be automatically installed on your phone. If you want to replace such applications with Super SU, then launch the app and grant it root permissions;
  8. Tap on the Blue Android button to start the replacing process.

Congrats! Your part is done.

If you need more help, tell us and we will guide you through the rooting process as soon as possible.

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