How to Boot up into Safe Mode on your Essential PH 1

Safe mode is indispensable when it comes to troubleshooting various software problems on your computer. But have you ever wished that a similar feature existed on your Android device too? Let’s face it: Android is an amazingly reliable mobile OS, it is stable and surprising, but there are times when it or an app within it gives us trouble.

That’s where safe mode comes in. Whether you want to troubleshoot an app or remove malware from your device, safe mode is the key for your Essential PH 1 device. Even more, if your smartphone has been overheating, suffering battery drain, or simply not performing properly, then you should better discover if an app you’ve installed is indeed the culprit.

And while the process for booting your phone in Safe mode varies between different Android devices, here I am to guide you on your handset.

Trust me when I say that it is incredibly easy to use, so here’s how to restart your Essential PH 1 phone into safe mode.

How to Boot up into Safe Mode on your Essential PH 1:

  1. With your device powered on, press and hold your phone’s power button for a few seconds until Android prompts you to turn off your phone;
  2. Tap and hold the Power Off button that appears in this menu for a few seconds;
  3. At this point, your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode;
  4. Tap Yes;
  5. This will reboot your Essential PH 1 into Safe Mode, allowing you to uninstall problematic apps and use your phone’s core functions while in Safe mode. To be more precise, from here you can also try performing virus scans or remove malware, whatever you need to do to troubleshoot your issue;
  6. Once finished, a simple restart will get things back to normal and see if your efforts have worked.

As you see, Safe mode is basic, but very effective as it gives you the chance to uninstall troublesome apps or troubleshoot problems. It should better become a familiar operation if you like to play with your Essential PH 1 device!

If you have any questions then be sure to ask and if you have any more tips for this device, then feel free to add.

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