LendingClub Invest App was just launched for Android

Lending Club comes as a peer-to-peer loan system, where investors provide loans to individuals via the platform. I don’t know your opinion on that, yet the Android app is definitely a nice addition for those already using it. With the LendingClub Invest app, you have the chance to log in via your fingerprint, view your current value, as well as transfer money in no time. Keep though in mind from the start the fact that this is for investors and not borrowers.

Through LendingClub, individual investors gain access to the consumer credit asset class. As borrowers make monthly payments on their loans, investors can make monthly returns through an automated investing strategy or by simply selecting Notes manually.

The LendingClub Invest app comes in handy even if it was just launched for Android. I can tell you that the list of features is quite generous as it includes logging into your account with a touch of the finger (for Android 6.0 or above), managing your account, verifying your account holdings, using your saved filters to find the Notes you want and investing in Notes, transferring money between your LendingClub account and your bank. And even more, you should know the fact that LendingClub is already planning to add other features. And your opinion really matters as they’re also asking for feedback, so if you have an account, feel free to let them know what you think of the new app.

If you already have a LendingClub account, you can download LendingClub Invest at Google Play with the help of this link.

Just make no confusion – as I have said it before, the app is for those using the service who want to manage their accounts and view the details of their current investments, while borrowers using LendingClub don’t have an app at the moment.

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