Galaxy S10: Add a Live Wallpaper to your home screen and Make that Notch Useful

You already know that the Galaxy S10 has a cutout in its display for the front-facing camera. It’s indeed less obtrusive alternative to the traditional notch, but some users still look for a way to hide the Galaxy S10 camera cutout notch. They can do so, but I have another suggestion for you today. I like that Samsung makes it so easy to hide the camera cutout, but I am not sure that doing so is worth it.

Not only does the black bar interrupt the futuristic aesthetic of the S10, but it also causes you to lose a decent amount of screen real-estate. Is this something that you really want? You could easily add a live wallpaper to your home screen and make that notch useful.

You can do this with a new app independently created by XDA Developers forum member kumarsid7. The app is known as Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper and it is available in both free and paid versions on the Google Play Store.

Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper

This Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper app is made exclusively for devices with a notch, your Galaxy S10 being in the list of supported devices. What you can do is to use the notch as a battery bar on your phone with this wallpaper. Just pick an image of your choice and add the battery bar to it with custom colors and percentages.

The battery indicator changes colors based on the percentage. If it’s mostly charged, you’ll see a green overlay. Somewhat charged gives you yellow, while the indicator is blue when charging.

The application has both free and paid versions. The developer recommends trying the free version first before purchasing the paid one. The $0.99 version gives you an ability to change the wallpaper to your desired one, while the free version only offers one wallpaper. You can see both of the versions of the application below.

This is the trial app for the actual paid live wallpaper: Notch & S10 Battery bar trial – Live Wallpaper.

This is the paid version: Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live Wallpaper.

Give it a try on your S10 and let us know how it goes! And remember that the app is currently compatible with other handsets too. This includes OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20, so don’t stop here. Other devices might deserve the very same treatment.

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