How to Solve MicroSD Card Issues on Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 Edge phone is, as expected, working great, but don’t be fooled by that. You never know what might happen next! The idea of 32-gigabytes of internal storage on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge with the chance to pop in an SD card and expand that storage by 200GB more sounds good, at least on paper.

The truth is that the company had lots of things to consider before making this move and a few of them are not properly done.

I am sure of that as long as some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners have encountered various MicroSD card issues errors. I am talking about the fact that there are some persistent popups related to the microSD card that appear randomly (some say they are sporadic, while others say that the popups appear even ten times during a single day), the files copied from your computer to the SD card are nowhere to be found when it’s mounted on the device, some users cannot delete videos and movies and the examples may continue.

There is definitely something strange going on in here, so I bet that you are looking for some potential solutions.

How to Solve MicroSD Card Issues on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  • First of all, try formatting the microSD card to the exFAT standard in order to get rid of those random popups;
  • The slow to wake issue is definitely a problem. There are certain brands of microSD cards that seem to cause the problem more than others, including Samsung cards as well. The Korean company has released a software update this month that fixes this problem, so make sure that your Galaxy device is updated to the latest software version;
  • Samsung uses just one slot in the body of the Galaxy S7 Edge to hold a single tray with the SD card and SIM card in it. This means that removing the SD card will pop out your SIM too. So, if you are going to use your device for calls and data while the SD card is out, it’s better to replace the tray with the SIM. After that, of course, you have to remove the SIM once again to put the SD card back in the S7 Edge phone. Every time you remove and replace the SIM the handset will take a few moments to re-connect to the network and negotiate things, but it’s ok. You will get used to this!

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