How to Install Ported Galaxy Note 5 Apps on Galaxy S6 Edge

Do you dream of some of the latest Galaxy Note 5 features? If you currently own Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, your dream might not be so far from reality. I am aware of the fact that the latest larger handsets come with no shortage of UI optimizations and a variety of interesting extra capabilities and yes, Galaxy S6 Edge is no exception to that. Thankfully, the beloved developer community is not resting at all and now you have the chance to install some amazing ported Galaxy Note 5 apps on your own Galaxy S6 Edge.

What exactly can you find on Galaxy Note 5? Well, let me tell you the changes are all a part of something that’s already the company’s “Project 0”. Samsung has not focused its attention towards the TouchWiz part on Galaxy Note 5, so the UI is pretty similar in both Note 5 and S6 Edge handsets, but it has upgraded the app icons for most of the pre-installed apps.

If you want to get the new apps from Galaxy Note 5 onto your Galaxy S6 Edge, there is a classy port of all the Note 5 apps by Albe95 over at xda. In order to be successful, then let me tell you from the start that you need to be on 5.1.1 and to root your Galaxy S6 Edge. Even more, do not hesitate to delete the arm folder if you’re on a ODEX (stock touchwiz) Rom or these apps won’t work at all.


If you can’t wait anymore to try these latest apps on your Galaxy S6, the link to download these apps is placed below , along with all the steps that you must follow:

How to Install Ported Galaxy Note 5 Apps on Galaxy S6 Edge:

  1. For the start, you have to use this link in order to grab the Galaxy Note 5 Ported Apps;
  2. The developer has ported no less than 20 Note 5 apps to Galaxy S6; they are: Note 5 Launcher, Note 5 Mail, Note 5 Smart Manager, Note 5 Dialer and Contacts Icons, Note 5 Gallery, Note 5 Calculator, Note 5 Galaxy Apps, Note 5 Video, Note 5 Browser Icon, S6 Launcher converted like Note 5, Note 5 My Files, Note 5 Music Player Icon, Note 5 Voice Recorder, Note 5 S Health, Note 5 S Voice, Note 5 Splanner Icon, Note 5 Clock Icon, Note 5 Camera Icon, Note 5 Memo, as well as Note 5 Message;
  3. Are you ready to install them? You must copy the APK files and library files to their respective directories;
  4. Set all the correct permissions;
  5. At the end, just reboot your Galaxy S6 Edge device to finish the installation.

How was the procedure? What do you think of these apps? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

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